Property Management Services

KMG Prestige, Inc.
is a fee-for-service property management company providing customizable management services to clients pursuing a greater level of performance with a higher rate of return.  No two properties are the same, which is why we create a program to address the individual needs of your property.

Our unmatched services, ranging from risk management and onsite management to financial and administrative support, can assist you in discovering solutions that will maximize NOI and increase the value of your asset.

KMG Prestige is steadfast in our pursuit of continuous improvement and excellence in delivery of outstanding property management services.  We consistently monitor our services and search for new ways to accommodate our clients in an effort to provide unparalleled results.  Collaborative relationships paired with incomparable services make KMG Prestige the unsurpassed choice for property management.  

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Professional Onsite Management

Professional Onsite Management guarantees efficient operation of your property. Our dedicated staff insures that your property is managed with two goals in mind: maximizing financial efficiency and maintaining happy residents. Happy residents pay their rent, take a personal interest in the property and maintain long term residency. 

Our focus is to attract the best talent in the industry and with a strong training program, we insure that your onsite staff is kept up to date on “best practices."  Annual Fair Housing training is a requirement and assures that your property adheres to the rules and regulations as set by the local, state and federal governing agencies. We encourage our staff to take ownership of the property and a personal interest in its success.



KMG Prestige’s Accounting Services encompass the processing, and reporting of financial and operational data, as well as the analysis of the operational activity, while focusing on optimizing performance. Your accounting staff consists of a dedicated Accountant and Account Payables Associate who work hand-in-hand with site managers, Regional Property Managers, and the rest of the support team, to insure the maximum financial performance of your asset.

Your team is dedicated to providing you with flexible reporting options, including customized monthly reporting, specialized agency reporting, third party annual auditing, and much more. Constantly analyzing account activity and operational performance is a requirement for each and every asset we manage. 



The Compliance Department reviews, approves and handles the certification and recertification of all residents. Our Certification Specialists are supported by our team of Certified Occupancy Specialists. They interface with all regulatory agencies, handle compliance reporting, and train the onsite staff in gathering all required documentation.  Accurate information gathering and reporting insures that your property remains in good standing in accordance with the regulatory agreement.


Risk Management

Our Risk Management department is led by a Certified Risk Manager (CRM) and Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC). They assist in managing your insurance needs, from initial placement of insurance, through handling insurance claims, recovery of damages, and investigation and monitoring of all incident reports.  With our Risk Management Services, your team now has a person knowledgeable in the insurance field assisting you in acquiring the best and most favorable insurance coverage for your property.  


Human Resources

Employee relationships are at the core of KMG Prestige’s values, which is why your team includes experienced Human Resource and Payroll staff. Utilizing new technologies, KMG Prestige is continually improving the efficiency of employment services through time entry systems and online benefit accessibility.

Based in our Mount Pleasant Support Center, our Human Resource and Payroll Team will manage all aspects of your personnel including the following:

  • Unemployment verification
  • Payroll services
  • Criminal/credit reports for all new employees
  • Coordination of employee benefits

Computer Support Services

With our in-house Computer Support Team, your hardware, software and internet connection needs are easily met. Data is backed up daily, ensuring minimal interruption of service or loss of irreplaceable information. Our Computer Support Services also provides the onsite software necessary for day-to-day accounting, leasing and facilities operations. This system includes processing capabilities for resident ledgers, rent rolls, vacancy loss, receivables, facilities, and marketing and asset management.


Legal Services

Our in-house legal department boasts a combined 48 years of experience in Landlord Tenant Law.  They are well-versed in legalese, and of the policies and procedures of KMG Prestige. They also offer legal support to your onsite management team.  In addition, utilizing tax information, employment garnishments and bank garnishments, they are able to effectively collect from former residents. Our staff sets up payment plans, monitors payment and posts interest fees. One hundred per cent of the dollars received are credited to the community, avoiding the additional costs incurred when using a collection agency. 



KMG Prestige takes pride in the training opportunities afforded to our employees.  Upon initial employment, our onsite mangers are introduced to their support team and are put through a comprehensive, in-house training within their first thirty days.  They are trained in the KMG Prestige policies and procedures, as well as the day-to-day operational requirements of running a successful property. 

In addition, all employees are required to complete an annual Fair Housing course and are provided access to our online training system, BOLT.  This not only provides ongoing training in their chosen field, but provides our employees the opportunity to acquire the knowledge necessary for career advancement. There are many training opportunities for key employees.


Purchasing Power

Looking to reduce the day-to-day costs of managing your asset?  With our economies of scale, KMG Prestige is able to secure Master contracts with Utility providers, Trash Haulers, Product Suppliers and Insurance carriers.  These contracts provide an immediate and positive effect on the bottom line.  As a result of building, and maintaining strong business relationship with our vendors, cost savings are enhanced by our ability to get favorable pricing.  



KMG Prestige has served as the court-appointed receiver for several communities located in Michigan, Indiana and Wisconsin. In addition, KMG Prestige has also been named as managing agent for independent receivers. Our extensive knowledge and experience in full service management allows our team to quickly evaluate and identify key areas requiring immediate attention. This approach allows for the implementation of a strategic plan to rapidly market and improve a distressed community in order to transform the asset into a viable resale opportunity.