"Do the Right Thing" 

About KMG Prestige

KMG Prestige is a well-regarded, fee-based property management firm, specializing in the success of multifamily residential housing.  Established in 1992, KMG Prestige's portfolio has grown to over 20,000 apartment homes. KMG Prestige is approved to manage HUD and MSHDA affiliated communities.  We offer a full range of services to families, and individuals in subsidized, tax credit, rural development, and conventional rental communities in over 7 states.

We believe our employees are our greatest asset, and seek to provide a productive and solid career opportunity for each of them.  KMG Prestige has made a substantial commitment to both technology and training so that our employees are furnished with the tools and knowledge they need in order to achieve the high standards their work requires. 
Currently, we have 850 trained professionals serving community residents as well as many qualified staff at each of our support centers, assisting in achieving the highest possible return for our owners

We are a client driven organization and in concert with our other values, we provide our clients with unmatched services to achieve their specific needs. KMG Prestige is proud of the quality of the relationship it maintains with its clients, most of which have endured over a long period of time. Our clients receive total dedication and highly qualified management team of professionals who are willing to go the extra steps to assure that your properties receive the best management possible. It is our goal to deliver the highest caliber of management services to its clients at the lowest cost possible.

KMG Prestige is committed to excellence and the continuous improvement in the delivery of property management services, and eagerly looks forward to the challenge of managing income producing communities at the highest level for many years to come. 

Throughout many active years in the Property Management Industry, we have gathered experience with:

Large Properties:
Large Properties are defined as residential rental communities that contain at least 100 apartment homes.  KMG has managed individual properties with as many as 750 apartment homes and currently oversees a portfolio of 48 such communities.  

Small Properties:
KMG Prestige has developed expertise in managing properties of 75 or fewer individual apartment homes.  Creativity is require in providing for the needs of the small property because of all functions of management are required (leasing, maintenance, staffing rent collection, reporting and financial oversight)​
 and resources are typically limited.  KMG currently managed 316 properties of this product type

Geographic Diversity:
Our portfolio consists of 56 of the 83 counties in Michigan and maintains support centers in Mt. Pleasant, Lansing, and Farmington Hills, Michigan.  We also provide management services to residential multifamily communities in 7 states including Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, California, and South Dakota.  

Affordable Housing Program Knowledge:
Many rental programs have been developed and have seen significant growth in the past 30 years coinciding with KMG Prestige's earliest affiliates entry into the market.  KMG Prestige has developed expertise in the administration of the HUD 202, 221 (d4), 236, Section 8 and the Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) Rental Housing Programs as well as the Rural Development 515 and a number of tailor-made rental programs developed through the auspices of the Michigan State Housing Development Authority.  

Client Base:
KMG Prestige's clientele is broad based, and although most are for-profit entities, a significant segment are non-profit organizations. A thread that is most common to most of KMG Prestige's clients is that they have their roots in the field of real estate development either creating new communities or acquiring and rehabilitating existing housing properties. The typical organizational structure of the client is that of a limited partnership or a limited-liability company.  

Ever mindful of the impact our decisions and policies have upon its customer base of families, senior citizens and those with special needs, KMG Prestige strives to be a positive force in their lives. Over 50,000 people depend on the effort and reliability of KMG Prestige associates.